This cartoon was aimed at scientists but can be applied across the board. I sometimes ask people when they last changed their mind when someone was shouting at them and telling them they were wrong.

By Warren Nunn

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No 10: Overwhelmed but choosing to differ.

It’s OK to vote and dissent

With all of that being said, every person has the right to vote the way they want to.

Likewise they have the right to express their opinion on any matter.

As has become the case with the Government and media pushing social engineering, the right to express opinions is being increasingly threatened.

There is a huge difference between what the “metanarrative” decrees is unacceptable and real conversation around the dinner table or in the public arena.

It is not hate speech, or any other tag thrown around, to have different opinions on controversial issues.

However, the metanarrative guardians want to shout you down and, as I pointed out previously, demonize those who dissent.

I was somewhat encouraged to read gay rights activist Dawn Grace-Cohen write a similar observation to one I made several years ago about the emergence of a left-wing version of the McCarthy era.

In response to the Israel Folau situation, she defended his right to speak and said to suppress it was like “queer fascism“.

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