What’s going on under the ice?

Some really interesting data has emerged that shows there are ‘upside down’ canyons below the Antarctic ice. That should slow you down to picture what that looks like. Driven by currents created as the earth rotates, water from below is eating away at the ice above, creating at least one enormous canyon. This phenomenon does […]

Dogmatic science

Dogmatism is real. We can all have it. Back more than a century ago, when civil debate graced our newspapers, it was refreshing to read reasoned essays such as the following: Titled “The dogmatism of science” it appeared in the Spectator of 17 December 1898, pp. 10-11. IN a letter to The Times dealing with some assertions of […]

The wisdom of William Lewin

Be careful not to label others Warren Nunn Appearances can be deceptive; that’s not in doubt. Assuming someone’s intelligence by their level of education or station in life is also something to be very careful about. All people have worth and intelligence. Some people better use their intelligence and gifts than others, but, nevertheless, they […]

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John and Gisele Horne set out to take on the world

An improbable adventure First published Saturday 20 Jan 1973 By Warren Nunn A family of five will leave on today’s high tide from the Fitzroy River to travel to Thursday Island in North Queensland in an inflatable dinghy. Mr and Mrs John Horne will set out with their three children, Andrew, 11, Kerstin, nine, and […]

Hans Tholstrup

Back after hectic 10-day journey First published Saturday, December 2, 1972 Hans Tholstrup, the Danish-born adventurer, was in Rockhampton yesterday after a hectic 10-day motor-cycle journey across Australia. Tholstrup left Rockhampton on November 6 and arrived in Perth on November 15. Only five days, however, were spent travelling. While in Alice Springs, Tholstrup could not […]

Stan Alberts playing on

Boots wore out, but he still plays © Warren Nunn, 1983 One of nature’s gentlemen … Stan Alberts ROCKHAMPTON.— Stan Alberts, 50, loves cricket so much he does not want to think about retirement. Many years ago he was injured while fielding and his wife asked him to give the game away. “I’ll retire when […]

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James Tetley and Betty Stockdale’s wedding

Many people tend to see genealogy as a boring, uninteresting pastime. Why spend time in the past looking at old records? Why not focus on the people around you and enjoy your family who are actually alive? In some ways you can understand where they are coming from. However, for those of us who enjoy […]

Thomas McRoberts

Great progenitor – Aberdeen Press and Journal 11 November 1799: Died, at Newton-Stewart, on the 16th ult. Thomas McRoberts, aged about 100 years. His great-grandchildren by the first marriage are above 12 years of age, and he has left a daughter by the third marriage about seven years of age.

Coalport catastrophe

Dreadful stupidity – Aberdeen Press and Journal 11 November 1799: A dreadful accident happened at Coalport, near the Iron Bridge, Shropshire, on the evening of the 30th ult. As a considerable number of the work people, men and women, belonging to Messrs Rofe and Co’s china works at that place, were returning from the manufactory to their […]

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