Australians are generous and willing to help as much as they can. But are we too generous?

By Warren Nunn

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No 8: Having discussed those on the fringes, what next?

How much is too much help?

Australia had a very supportive welfare system that didn’t need the radical change it has undergone in recent times. We have long gone past the point of what is much-needed social help, to the unsustainable level of various benefits to which individuals now have access.

There’s only so far taxpayers’ funds will carry a country. At some point, we need to rein in the spending. I submit we are beyond that point.

But to be fair to those on the fringes, there are more and more desperate people who have lost their way and fallen into all types of addictions leaving them unable to work.

I struggle with having love and compassion for hurting people and allowing them to fail. We will always have people who can’t cope with life. How much the Government helps is so difficult to assess. Wherever you draw a line, there will be outrage from someone.

Nicole says it’s a form of power and control.  “It ensures the poor are never enabled to look after themselves as they take the payout that yells to them “you are useless without me, your generous benefactor”.

Is that too harsh? Some would say yea, others nay.

I’m all for living in a generous nation that cares for its citizens but policymakers long ago lost their way. Is it really in the best interests of those who are struggling to continue to hand them money?

Here’s another interesting observation that Nicole McInnes made: “I hope my Labor friends — I have many in inner-city Sydney — will come to understand too that the “kindness” of Labor is actually unintended cruelty.”

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