Nothing new under the sun – The Examiner, July 24, 1858:

TURKEY— Fanatical Movements.— The news from Turkey increases in importance, The Paris ‘Pays’ says “It appears by recent letters from Mecca, that during the last religious fetes serious dissensions broke out between different Mussulman (Turkish modification of Arabic word for muslim) nationalities, and that the fanatical part of the population of Hedjaz (a region in present day Saudi Arabia), having at its head an Arab chief named Beckel-Hafer, who has acquired an immense reputation for sanctity, has formed itself into an independent religious party, called “the sect of true believers.” This sect is said to be fast increasing. It tendencies are very unfavourable towards the Porte (Ottoman empire government). It does not recognise in the Sultan the title of protector of the true believers and temporal chief of the Mussulmans, which, as Emperor of the Ottomans, he has borne without dispute for many centuries. This state of things deserves notice. The rights of the religious head of the Ottomans are incontestable. Their maintenance is essential to the tranquillity of the East. A letter from the frontiers of Bosnia, dated the 11th inst., informs us that within the last few days 6,000 Christian Bosnian peasants had sought refuge on the Austrian territory, in consequence of the excesses committed by the Turkish soldiers. The Christians, who had been disarmed by Omar Pasha (Ottoman general and governor), had resisted with scythes and other agricultural implements, but were defeated by the Turks on the 8th inst.” 
Disturbances in Syria.—Tho following private telegram was received at Marseilles on the 31st: – “The packet from Egypt, which arrived last night, brought as passengers —M. Sabathier, the Frence Consul-General at Alexandria: M. Emorat, and Mdlle Eveillard. The disturbances in Syria are on the increase. It is positively stated, that a part of the Lebanon, comprising Latakia and the town of Tripoli, in Syria, is in a state of revolt. Ismail Bey is said to have been mortally wounded. The Emir has applied for assistance. The pillaging Arabs who had invaded the Lebanon have been repulsed. The epidemic disease at Bengazi is diminishing.”