Not rushing into things – Derby Mercury 12 March 1795:

At Chesterfield, on Monday last, Mr. John Bulman, a lusty, hale, and vigorous Bridegroom, aged only 86, to the lovely, blooming, and adorable Widow of the late Mr. Morris Nadin, now in her 79th year; both Residents of that place. The nuptials of this charming couple, have been put off, for many a dangling year, from some disagreement of the parties respecting the Trade of THE CHILDREN (the probable issue of the match) were to be brought up to. Mr Bulman (with laudable ingenuity and industry) has successfully practised during his short period of his honest, labourious life, several kinds of Employments, such as that of a Stockinger, Breeches-maker, Quack Doctor, Dancingmaster, and Musician. The worthy Gentleman being himself an adept in this various Occupations, insisted with no little eagerness, that his Children should be brought up in these Employments. It appears that the gentle dispute is at length ended: (the amorous propensities of the Gentleman brooking no longer delay, or the Widow perhaps prudently giving up the point) for the Marriage Ceremony was certainly performed with proper state and solemnity.