Threatening payback – Worcester Journal 18 April 1850:

Wild LookASSAULT.-Jones v Evans- The defendant in this case (who is a half-witted broker, or “general dealer,” better known by the appellation of “greasy pockets,”) had evaded their service of a summons by decamping to the Isle of Man, but having returned, he was honoured with a polite invitation to attend the Magistrates, and “show cause” against being convicted of a charge of assault preferred against him by one Emma Jones, who alleged that he had assaulted and beaten her in her own house, on the 23rd of March last.
The evidence adduced proved an assault to have been committed by defendant, in the first instance, but that the result was rather unlucky for him, for the complainant (by the testimony of a witness) knocked him down several times in the gutter, and compelled him to roar “Murder.”
The Magistrates fined him 1s and costs 16s, or in default, 14 day’s imprisonment.
Evans at first said that he would go to goal, but subsequently said, “Well it ain’t much money, so I’ll pay it;” “but”, added he, looking hard at the Magistrates, “if I pay it, I must and will sell up every mortal thing, and throw my wife upon you, and you’ll be bound to keep her.”
A roar of laughter followed this announcement, amidst which the defendant quitted the Court, vehemently declaring his intention of “doing as he had said.”