This should bring a smile – South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail, 15 August 1868:

An American photographer says that ladies, when having their portraits taken, may observe the following rules with some advantage as to their appearance. “When a lady, sitting for a picture, would compose her mouth to a bland and serene character, she should, just before entering the room, say ‘Bosom,’ and keep the expression into which the mouth subsides until the desired effect upon the company is evident. If, on the other hand, she wishes to assume a distinguished and somewhat noble bearing, not suggestive of sweetness, she should say, ‘Brash,’ the result of which is infallible. If she would make her mouth look too small, she must say, ‘ Flip;’ but if the mouth be already too small and needs enlarging, she must say, ‘Cabbage.’ If she wishes to look mournful, she must say, ‘Kerchunk.’ If resigned, she must forcibly ejaculate, ‘S’cat.’ “
Trifles of Wit and Humour. (1868, August 15). South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 – 1881), p. 3. Retrieved September 18, 2015, from