Tiny hoop wows women – Aberdeen Journal, 24 September 1902:

The Sheepshead Bay Racecourse, New York, was the other day the scene of an extraordinary demonstration. A jockey named Washington Breassal, who is only nine years old, rode Ipse Dixit, and came in first. Breassal, who weights only 54 1/2 lbs, is the lightest and probably the youngest jockey in the world. After bringing his horse to the stopping post he was immediately surrounded by hundreds of women, who literally pulled him from the saddle and smothered him with kisses. It was some time before he could be rescued from their embraces, and he then was carried shoulder high by his admirers past the grand stand, where he received an ovation from the crowds. – “Daily Express.”

NOTE: No details have yet been found on Washington Breassal or variations of his name and whether he continued to be a jockey into adulthood. The Sheepshead Bay Racecourse was on Coney Island.