Below is reproduced the transcript of an article in which there are many familiar names for those with any knowledge of Rockhampton racing.

Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 – 1954), Thursday 18 August 1949, page 6

Licences Granted To Racing Men

The Rockhampton Jockey Club registered its licensees for the 1949-50 racing season at its monthly meeting on Tuesday night.

Licences were granted to the following:

RJC No. 1 bookmakers’ licences:

CHAPLAIN, William Robert; CHILDS, Ellis Rayworth; CHILDS, Thomas William Robert; CONAGHAN, Edward Vincent; CONAGHAN, Maurice Wilkinson; DANIEL, David John; DAY, George John; EDINGTON, Hugh Norman; FARRELL, Francis William Lionel; FITZGERALD, Thomas Edward; GILLIGAN, John Joseph; GOTT, John Mervyn; GREAVES, Cecil F.; HOLMAN, James William; HOLLAND, Lionel; KERRISK, Cyril J.; KERRISK, Claude W.; LIVINGSTONE, Frank; LORD, Edwin Dudley; MANSFIELD, James; MEZGER, John Louis; MOSCRIP John William Patrick; MURPHY, Charles Henry; MURPHY, Vincent Charles; McDONALD, William; PRICE, Edwin Reece; PRICE, Herbert; PRICE, Herbert Lawson; ROSSITER, Jeffrey Martin; RYAN, James William; RYAN, Timothy J.; STEVENS, William Ross; SULLIVAN, Phillip; SWAN, Herbert Harold; HAYWARD, Clarence Lyle; SCHOFIELD, George Edward; MORRIS, J. E. Harold.

RJC country bookmakers’ licences :

Cowlrick, Herbert Albert; Duncan, Edwin Charles Roderick; Erickson, Edward Charles; Jackson, William Patrick; Liddell, Isaac Vivian; Maynard, John Vincent; McCrohon, William Estell; Swanner, Clifford Patrick; Ward, Louis; Westacott, Oliver Aubrey; White, John Ernest Keith; Wilson, Herbert James; Lennon, Daniel Joseph; Nasser, Alexander; Smith, Harry Cuthbert.

RJC No. 1 jockey licences:

Ashney, Leonard Charles; Baker, Arthur Charles; Clarke, Arthur Leslie; Doyle, James Joseph; Dux Reginald George; Hone, Harold George; Jackson, Hillary Keith; Jaenke, Vivian Paul; Lisle, Colin Arthur; McKeon, Arthur Reginald; Riordan, Harold David; Rutherford, Thomas; Unwin, Norman James; Wright, Reginald Thomas; Whelan, Keith Ernest; Welburn, William Hebert; Griffin, James; Banks, William Joseph.

RJC apprentices’ permits to ride in races:

Carrol, Barry Samuel with J. D. Armstrong; Curran, John Gabriel with P. J. Curran; Donnelly, John William with T. O’Mara; Fox, Norman Edward with W. J. Hickson; Heterick, John with M. W. Heterick; Johnson, Wm. Herbert F. with T. Mannion; Rhule, Harold Arnold with T. A. Waldron; Unwin Eugene with T. P. McCormack; Williams, Robert N. with V. Williams; Stebhens, Noel with T. Ashney.

Apprenticeship indenture.— William James Unwin with W. J. Unwin, sen; George Edward Richardson with T. P.McCormack.

RJC country jockeys licences

Bolton, John George; Brown, Charles Thomas; Mossman, John Henry; McCrohon, Louis Estall; Plahn, Frederick Robert; Rideout, Arthur Henry; Scully, Leslie Frederick; Brown, Cyril Henry; Condon, Raymond Maurice; Kingston, Roy; McArthur, Peter Joseph; Matheson, Donald; Meek, Colin Ross; Oates, Vincent; Shuck, William; Spinks, George Andrew.

RJC No. 1 trainers’ licences—

Anderson, Thomas Wilson; Armstrong, James Dudley; Ashney, William Thomas; Burgess, Robert Charles; Clayton, John Francis; Curran, Patrick Joseph; Currie, Patrick Joseph; Fitzgerald, Thomas; Ford, William Patrick; Gabel, Michael William; George, Arthur Robert; Green, Claude; Heterick, Milton W.; Hick, Edward George; Hodgetts, N. G. E.; Hunter, Thomas Charles; Ireland, James; Kennedy, John; Laing, William Allen; Livingstone, John Stanley; Marshall, James Malcolm; Meredith, Jack; Morgan, Percy; Moule, Benjamin George; McCormack, Thomas Peter; Neil, Edward Alexander; O’Malley, Dominick; O’Mara, Thomas; O’Slng, Alfred; O’Sing, Sydney George; Parker, Charles; Peers, Leonard Bennett; Peters, Henry; Scully, George Michael; Stack, Edward James; Waldron, Thomas Arthur; Wallace, William Bertice; Waters, Frederick T. R.; Watson, Arthur; Williams Vincent; Wright, Walter; Watson, James; Ashney, Thomas S.M.; Davidson, James; Ellis, Michael James.

RJC permits to train:

Collins, Ronald Gerard; Considine, James; Crough, Brian William; Cruickshank, James Dalziell; Dibley, Victor L.; Doyle, Michael John; Evans, Noel Edward; Fenton, Arthur Edward; Ferricks, Mervyn Terrence; Halloran, L W.; Hoare, Horace; Huet, Frank A. L.; Hunt, Claude Fredrick; Hickson, William Joseph; Jensen, Walter; Lawrence, George William; Lewis, Robert Arthur; Mannion, John Thomas; Judas, John Frederick; Kelso-Smith, Harry Fredrick; Kennedy, William John; Larman, William Amos; Lawrence, Charles Pearson; Mylrea, Clifford J. W.; McKenzie, John James; Nelson, Kenneth Vincent; Phipps, Edward; Picton, William Joseph; Price, Norman Westoby; Smith, John Joseph; Wheeler Phillip; Unwin, William James; Murphy, Philip Leslie; Ravenscroft, John Edward; Wright, William; Carr, Ritson; Delandelles, Ronald John; Ireland H. G.; Lucas, Nicholas McIntyre, M.; McCrohan W. G.; McMahon, Matthew; Norris, Ernest Verdun; Rhodes, Charles A.; Ryan, Roy Percy.

RJC stable employees’ licences:

Ashney, Desmond Wllliam with W. T. Ashney; Coker, Leonard Arthur (second cousin once removed to Warrren Nunn) with P. J. Currie; Curran, William Joseph with P. J. Curran; Fitzgerald, John with T. Fitzgerald; Jones, Desmond Thomas with T. P.McCormack; Lloyd, John with M. W. Gabel; Lucas, Alfred Gordon with J. Watson; Mahoney, John Anthony with B. G. Moule; Selff, Noel James with F. Waters; Simpson, Dennis with A. R. George; Wright, Barney with W.J. Hickson; Albury, Frederick Ambrose with M. W. Gabel; Campion, Vivian John with M. W. Gabel; Glover, Desmond Vernon with M. W. Gabel; Knowles, Ernest Sydney with J. Meredith; Holt, Eric John with M. W. Gabel; Couper, Colin with W. A. Larman; Mannion, Thomas James with J. T. Mannion; Morris, Samuel Thomas with A. R. George; Spinks, George Andrew with Philip Murphy; Unwin jr., William James with W.J. Unwin.