Since January 2020, I have been writing what I describe as “verse”. Feedback is welcomed. It’s an expression of thoughts and emotions that may or may not resonate with others.

6 January 2020

Wistful and thoughtful

Who are you?

Can I be a part of you?

Is that in His Will?

Will our Saviour say

Go ahead my friends

Emotions can I trust?

On my knees, calm me Lord

Be my guide and strength

1 February 2020

Just herself

Open mind

Thoughtful always … the smile

Understated, ever asking

Eyes dreaming free

Soul of faith

What a friend

Alive. Got no pretense; be me

Have you backbone?

Here’s a mindwarp

Sparkles, sparkling free

Praise, grace, redeemed

Doubts. Wrongs. Pain.

It drags; it claws; it invades

Set free, washed clean

Blood of the Lamb

27 March 2020

I have a feeling, it builds and flows

I have a yearning, God alone can fill

There is a reason, she’s sweet and pure

What next develops, Lord Christ secures

28 March 2020

Jesus is my greatest love; perfect peace, perfect love

Thank You seems a trite aside

For His purpose, He kissed me sweet

Gifts beyond all comprehension

Blessings. How can blessings go so deep?

Then a friend, a friend unexpected

Added breath; took away my breath

I stand trembling; yet steady sure

I cannot but praise Him more

3 April 2020

You give us life and gifts so precious

You are the source of all that’s good

When faced with loss, we cling to hope

Abba, Father, in You we’re safe

Safe through pain and grief invasive

We stand triumphant and at ease

Because of Jesus we celebrate and rejoice

How can thank You ever be enough?

All we have rests secure in you

4 April 2020

She has such love; and loves unconstrained

It shows, it shines, it serves the world

She has such beauty; uncontainable beauty

It’s her essence, her grace, and so fit arrayed

Her virgin state, Lord Jesus restored

Wrought on the Cross, and of prayer reward

Step softly, under snow or rain, an ancient poet penned

To me she is a priceless gem, a friend, a friend, a friend

5 April 2020

She cares, she cares

Life so fragile; brief and brittle

Tenderness it marks her clear

She cares; cares with breaking heart

Cares, for it must be so

Care with no measure

Care fit for purpose

She cares, she cares

7 April 2020

Grief is only in a moment

Nothing can suppress that smile

Nothing can hold down that laugh

Nothing can quench that spirit

Grieve for a while for ponder we must

Fondly remember..

8 April 2020 (A friend loses a beloved pet)

For a time; too brief a time

He was there; he was love

So serene, so engaged

He asked no favours; he gave his all

Who are you White Wizard?

Too soon you’re gone

9 April 2020

Sweet of spirit, free-floating, a whisper clothed by the wind

Finest petal, the Father so proud of His handiwork

Here is His beloved daughter, she glides, she is presence

Purest essence, a heart, oh what heart;

A heart drawing in, encompassing compassion

She stands resilient, confidence wraps and invites

The world rejoices, such a one blazes bright

16 April 2020

Here is truth, here is thought

Here are complications

Along a path, stumbling, striding, not so sure

A stranger talked in silent stupor

He makes no sense, he has no answers

How can sweetness have no reality?

I look for purpose, I dart and dive

Would I be useful to the silence?

Can my voice speak or not speak?

How do I speak when lights blind and fly?

A conundrum, an enigma, here faltering, yet determined

Sweetness does have reality, I want to taste; to taste

18 April 2020

My sweet sister, she is grace

My sweet sister, a portrait of the Master’s hand

My sweet sister, wind-blown, ethereal, ever present

My sweet sister, I want to touch, not break her heart

My sweet sister, I yearn for her lips and lasting embrace

My sweet sister, in my dreams, always in my dreams

My sweet sister, she is beautiful

7 May 2020

Elsie, Elsie, Elsie

Has such mystery, such smarts

Enigmatic Elsie, has the biggest, kindest heart

She sometimes gets a bead on things that go awry

There’s much mischief in her thought life, mark the twinkle in her eye

How must we see Elsie, full of goodness or of guile?

She’s so more than all that, she surpasses by a mile

Miles of thoughtfulness, compassion

Miles of willingness to serve

Miles of passion she delivers

To the world she gives with verve

Along the way well met Elsie

Elsie sweetness, Elsie love

Elsie, Elsie, Elsie

So loved by God above

Elsie always smiling, Elsie has it all

Elsie, she’s my sister and the sweetest of them all

15 May 2020

Muffled but not silent

With a feather touch like evening

Sinking away, waning away

Here stands a moment, a thought

Certain in purpose, direct in action

Not shirking, softly smiling

Here is vision, life to live

17 May 2020

Away, away, ever away

Away without a care

Away floating secure

Away, along a way

But which way?

The only Way

’Tis sweet Jesus

Met along the way

Now for His Way

I embrace as the only way

No longer seeking a way

No longer drifting away

Away, away

Here I’ve found my way

Ever will I stay

Jesus, You are the Way

10 June 2020

When I look into her eyes

It’s the easiest place to be; it’s the easiest thing in the world to do

To look into her eyes is to love her

To look into her eyes there is acceptance

There is compassion

There is love for Jesus

There is energy and presence

To look into her eyes, what enchantment

What privilege

To look into her eyes, there is a giver

She gives of herself in a selfless way

She gives with her time and exudes serenity

To look into her eyes is to always be a part of her

Ever do I want to look into her eyes

There is my life complete; my cup filled to overflowing

Still I want to look into her eyes even more

13 June 2020

Be alone, be at peace, be with others

Be supportive, be an encourager, be free

Be a lover, be compassionate, be solid

Be there always, be always willing, be a friend

Be because you must be; be, ever be, for Christ set you free

23 June 2020

This sister fills my heart

This sister is my joy

This sister smiles so sweet

A smile that pierces deep

A smile so pure it melts cares away

A smile that breaks like dawning day

Eyes, those eyes, knowing, thinking eyes

How is it she could be, this sister sets me free?

To be the man the Lord wants me to be

This sister, this sister, this sister

The least thing I deserve, this sister ever do I want to serve

To honour in every way, this sister, this sister, this sister.

27 July 2020

That smile, it fills the room, it calms me

If it had a name it would be Melody

Sweet refrain, roaring crescendo giving way to a waltz

A slow, sensual waltz

That smile, it makes sunshine less like sunshine

It has a pursuing nature, it has a particular fragrance

That smile is wrought with love, writ with a deep confluence of emotion

It stirs deep, it is forever etched into my soul.

That smile

19 August 2020

Has this man the right to be?

Has he worth, has he purpose?

When I dwell upon this thought

Grateful, worshipful is my walk

Jesus Christ and He alone

Brought me back from fate too dread

Bought me with a price so dear

On a Cross, with pain, much pain

So I am free to be just me

But, all for Him, all do I owe

20 August 2020

Do you know her?

If you do know her, you know that she shines like the moonlight

There’s such a presence; a spark so tender

Do you know her?

If you do know her, you know that her smile beams bright

A sunny smile, reassuring, a friend so loving

Do you know her?

If you do know her, you know that laugh so contagious

Like no other sweetness, the sweetness overwhelms

Do you know her?

If you do know her, you know that her eyes shine deep

Peering into the soul, embracing you with acceptance

Do you know her?

If you do know her, how can you not speak more?

Giving, encouraging, investing, impacting all

17 September 2020

I’ve been down;

So down there seemed no way back

I was lost;

So lost I could not tell which way to go

I had no hope;

Bereft of hope I raged and raged and raged

I sought peace;

But how to find peace in my malevolent world?

Take these pills;

These pills will ease the pain, help calm you

A chemical fix?

How can chemicals fix a mind in turmoil?

I searched beyond;

Beyond myself, is there more than this?

Is there a God?

A God Who has a plan for one such as me?

He drew men in;

By His love, the God Man Jesus Christ called

He called me in;

And showed me that he cared for me

He accepted me;

Accepted the one who raged and raged

Slowly I grew;

Slowly, so slowly, that many could not see the change

Still a work in progress;

But progress I know is sure and pure

Yet still I falter;

But resolve I have in Christ alone

To walk in truth;

In truth my all is in Christ

Now I have such love;

Such love for all, for Christ loves me just as I am.

26 September 2020

This one will be special, They said.

The time’s perfect for one such as this, They said.

The smile will be alluring. It will melt hearts; it will draw others in.

We have special plans for her. Blonde? Of course.

Gotta have a sweet demeanour. Absolutely.

And a kind, caring heart too. Gotcha.

We’ll have a bit of a fun with the nose. She won’t like it and We know she’ll tweak it.

But it will still be so funky.

Caramel for the voice? Yes, definitely caramel with a rich, deep edge … and a soupcon of sassiness.

We like sassy, as long as it doesn’t go too far.

And the hair? It will be so, so her. More than a crowning glory, it will leap at you like a gazelle.

Free … flowing free, running free; stunningly sensual.

Sensuality will define her, but We have a plan to mould that.

At just the right time, We will gather her up and gently reveal to her all that she’s meant to be.

And she’ll be at peace. She’ll invest so much in others.

Those around will be so blessed just to spend time with her.

Any time with her will leave them wanting more.

And then the golden years We have planned for her when all these things come to realisation, will be for those who benefit, such, such bliss.

Bliss undeserved, but bliss to bless. She won’t even know that’s she has that effect.

But We want those blessings to multiply and multiply.

It will be messy at times, but such joy it will bring.

We know it will lift above the messy. But it will point others to Us.

We don’t get to make many of these, do we?

Only a very few can handle all of these special elements We will put in to this one.

But first to get Jack and Beryl together …..

12 October 2020

If it were possible to bottle her essence, what fragrance would it be?

Combinations endless; an aroma that would make angels swoon and sway.

Proportions delicate; delicate because vast is the number to present her true.

Watch and see; for to breathe such intoxicants is to soar and soar in reverie.

Never will there be; never, never, could there be one such as she…

Special, so special; a flame brighter than any light imagined.

Smile, smile; oh that smile; it sets me free.

21 October 2020

A blessed sister, a righteous sister, a sister of substance and intense compassion

The world is much brighter as her soul enhances, enervates and exudes serenity

Ah, serenity; serenity that calms and energises; and serenity that envelopes with peace

That she is benefits and bolsters, and emboldens and brings with it pure purpose.

Blessed sister, sweet blessed sister, beyond compare you are.

27 October 2020

She looks back from the deep pool of her soul,

What is she thinking?

I look into the eyes of sweetness, of innocence, of glorious, glorious simplicity

Here is a heart, deeply, completely infused with intense compassion

Caring, so caring, so embracing, so full of grace that the overflow is overwhelming

She looks out from a heart of infinite earnestness

I look back and am encircled with a caressing cloak of acceptance

She looks, she laughs, and her touch brings comfort beyond comfort

I look, I am filled, I have more than any man deserves

She looks, and I am better than I’ve ever been.

16 January 2021

Who’s ever ready for life?

This night’s intoxicating aromas

Every hope of understanding

Of that which may not be said

Focused always, key direction

Save it all for a future

Lights up the sky, my heart hesitates

Today, yes, today, I stop running

Nothing but certainty bubbles free

Precious metals have their worth

But there is something that’s much more precious

Key direction, I have found my way

9 February 2021

Here’s a time, there’s a beat

A long way, unsure of truth

Candid discussions, no thoughts left unsaid

Along came a vision, mystifyingly free

Will the beat still continue?

Chords ooze in a groove

A step here, a step here, my thoughts unsure

Will the time keep its timing?

Will the words still be said?

Thought of you drown my vision

I dance free, I dance free.

9 March 2021

I do not have a heavy heart; my heart is freed from such impost

I won’t accept a life lived so; I choose to love and rejoice always

This heart’s for you, and you alone; I choose to love as I feel bound

Sweet joyous hours and those long walks; we talked and prayed and loved the Lord

So my heart is filled to overflow and eternal thanks for all we’ve shared

I must shout out and tell the world that this man is now made strong

And I am strong because the Lord added to my life a priceless glow

That glow is you and you alone and I am humbled by such light

Our precious Lord has gifted me the most amazing, sweetest friend

5 April 2021 (Of grand-daughters)

Time together, conversations flow

Children running, laughing in the rain

Love is precious, family sweet

Overwhelmed, accepted, such blessings free

God has shaped us for each other

Shaped us, made us for times like these

Memories made, bonds set in stone

Tied together, bound by love

Oh what love and total comfort

Certainty. Eternity.

22 May 2021

When a star bursts in the sky, you’re there

When a butterfly lilts by, it’s you

It’s in your smile, your voice, your moves

It skips my heart, it warms me through

Diamonds, pearls, even precious gold

Can not compare to the essence that’s you

How can it be that I should have a friend so true?

Who builds me up, who builds me up?

A humbled man who’s been granted much

I hold it lightly, for lightly I must

Trusting my Saviour for all that will be

As the night sky tells of His great love

I stand in awe and simply be…

1 July 2021

Her beauty is a mystery, a whisper and a sigh

Her beauty has such sweetness, like a never-ending fire

Her beauty, oh her beauty, what beautiful delight

Her beauty, endless beauty, deeply satisfies

Along a windswept pathway, beside a glistening stream

The echo of a songbird enchants my every dream

I dream of such a beauty who has no equal here

Her beauty, yes her beauty, keeps my heart so ever clear

It’s clear to me such beauty comes from deep within

For beauty has no surface, its depths are only seen

Only seen by those who ponder and feast upon a one

A one who has a calling, a calling from above

Above there’s only beauty, and only from His love

Such beauty, mysterious beauty, to bless each one of us

14 July 2021

Wistful, cheerful, wonderfully free

Thoughtful, helpful, a sweet mystery

Mindful, not prideful, too good to be true

Watchful, not wasteful, but love through and through

29 August 2021

She shines, she smiles, from inmost parts, and in there rests a joy, such joy

For she is gifted, blessed and pure with joy, pure joy, that blesses me

How can I not be swept away by joy, such joy that overwhelms?

It is my joy to sit and share and look upon a soul so rare

Eternally there was a plan to impact me with such a one; because she smiles, she smiles at me

She holds my heart so tenderly, I have such riches none can compare and how could I be less than clear?

It’s clearly true, I have no fear; I’m filled with strength and certainty

For she shines, she shines, that smile so pure; infiltrates and soothes and soars

And takes me to a place, a place of peace; a place so blissful and so complete

She shines, she shines and I rejoice; no man has ever been so blessed.
Along a way, a winsome way, there came a vision, an image true

It seemed as though the way was clear, sweet fragrances early morn refreshed, renewed

It was that way, that fulsome way, that filled me, fuelled me, uplifted me

I know there’s no other way, the way was clear, it’s true

I rest complete in all that’s true, along a way, a winsome way.

2 September 2021

Did I tell you how much you build me up? It is surreal, it is too real.

Did I tell you how much you touch my heart? It is unreal, I can’t conceal.

Did I tell you how long your smile endures? It has no equal, can’t be contained.

Along this life’s way, my steps so sure, I’m on a journey of motives pure.

You enhance each moment, your radiance assures

You’re a dancing moonbeam on a windswept shore